About Me

Hi! You probably already read something about myself on the Home Page. Well, my name is Sonia Rizzo. I'm a Software Developer since 2012, when I graduated from a Computer Science and Programming High School in Italy.

I was born and raised in the sunny island of Sicily, but I also lived in Romania and in the UK. I can speak Romanian and English, being pretty fluent in both languages additionally to my mother tongue, Italian.

I've worked with C#, javascript, HTML and CSS for the majority of my career. Last year though I started a collaboration with a startup that required me to switch to Python, which I liked very much!

Other than coding I dedicate my time to some other things I'm very passionate about: volunteering (that's how I learned Romanian!), working on my Alfa Romeo and detailing it (I'm a MASSIVE car enthusiast), exercising, playing some music on the guitar or the piano and having fun with my nieces and nephews (I'm the cool aunt).

I'm a supporter of work/life balance and have been working remotely for pretty much my entire career. I also deeply believe that being a good, caring and helping person really goes a long way, inside the work environment too!

You can find me on a few social platforms or drop me an email. I would love to chat :)

Also take a look at my Resume if you'd like.