• I was in need of an online tool that would allow me to simply type a sentence and it would automatically generate a poster with some nice typography. I needed minimal effort. Something quick and simple.

    When I couldn't find it, I decided to create it!

    BeautyWords lets you type a sentence and get an automatically generated poster. You can also manipulate a little more the different parts of the poster if you feel so inclined. And when you're ready, the press of a button will generate an image and let you download it!

    The project also runs some custom analytics implemented with AirTable
  • Role: Full Stack Dev in quarantine
  • Tech Stack: Python Flask HTML CSS JS knockoutjs Bootstrap AirTable
  • I was developing BeautyWords when a bug started randomly eating a few words here and there with hilarious results. That's when I did the thing every developer serious about their job would do: I though "I should totally create a spin-off buggy project and release it!". And that's what I in fact did.

    Now you can turn your meaningful sentences to nonsense with the click of a button. Just what humanity needed.

    "It's not bug, it's feauture"

    - Abraham Lincoln
  • Role: Full Stack Dev in quarantine
  • Tech Stack: Python Flask HTML CSS JS knockoutjs Bootstrap
  • Full-responsive Web App that helps customers improving the performances of their solar plants with drones and AI powered services. All the software is extremely easy to use, and is having a huge success with customers from all over the world!
  • Role: Full Stack
  • Tech Stack: Python Flask HTML CSS JS knockoutjs Bootstrap
  • Full custom map interactions with OpenLayers
  • Full-responsive PWA: an online tool for AI powered Twitter live sentiment analysis that lets you discover what is the Twitter population generally thinking about a subject and correctly anticipated the results of the European 2019 election in Italy. The PWA compliance allows to use Service Workers and cache management to support offline behavior, as well as make the web app installable. Also managed and executed the hybrid iOS porting and subsequent launch on the App Store.
  • Role: Front End + iOS
  • Tech Stack: Python Flask HTML CSS JS knockoutjs Bootstrap Cordova
  • Full-responsive website I made as a gift to a dear friend of mine. Robert A. Brooks is an arborealist painter, and I tried to showcase its art more than anything else on the website. With this occasion I tried to experiment pushing a little more the limits of simplicity, using for example the very light and minimalist PureCSS instead of Bootstrap. I also experimented for the first time with Netlify, which turned out to be an awesome experience!
  • Role: One woman band
  • Tech Stack: HTML CSS JS PureCSS Netlify
  • Custom drone flight control native application for the management of the @Globsit fleet and drone operations. The application has a map integration, full drone management, full flight management and manual pilot support. Also very first experience with Kivy as a cross-platform UI framework for Python.
  • Role: Front End
  • Tech Stack: Python Kivy
  • Designed and developed several responsive online tools being part of the same platform to help medical labs and patients to more easily manage appointments, at-home assistance, notifications and results.
  • Role: Full Stack
  • Tech Stack: C# .NET SQL HTML CSS JS knockoutjs materializecss